December 10, 2004: The first anniversary of NPO Sightseeing COARA
It was already dark at six in the evening. The shopping arcade was decorated with Christmas ornaments brilliantly shining in on the street of Galelia Square.
I visited COARA and then came up here together with other members in which a pleasant Bounennkai (Forget the year party) was to be held.
Ms. Hayashi took out something from a paper bag by making noise and started to grind it.
It was the coffee beans presented by Mr. Itai. The brand was of the bean was "Akio" of Hashimoto coffee shop in Kyoto. The coffee was originally prepared by Tetsuya Chikushi, the honorary president superintendent of Rentarou Taki (a famous local music composer in Meiji Era.) The special brand was not on sale at the shop, he said.
Another special offer of the day was Bungo Halteis, recently under the spot light in the town. The cake was restored from an old cooking book, Nanban Cooking, written in Edo Era.
"Bottoms up!"
The dishes of the party were great.
Roasted duck with good sauce.
We have had many things this year, including a wedding. Good luck to her!
Today was my birthday. I was presented such a beautiful bouquet. Thank you very much.
"What shall we do in the coming year?" Pleasant chatting lasted long.
Report by Mie