November 15, 2004: Aso Heights
I joined today in a meeting of FBSC (Family Budget Study Class) sponsored by Kumamoto Branch. The site was Kumamoto prefectural gymnasium .
In the morning, I drove in the mist and rain that disturbed my visibility. But it turned to a very good weather in the afternoon.
On my way back to Oita, I took a route called Milk Road starting from Ohzu town. I found a wonderful stone built church and took a picture of it.
Clear blue sky and autumnal tints were very good.
Japanese pampas grass was dead and winter was already here.
Gently-sloping road and my favorite CD music made me happy.
The view from Kabutoiwa observation platform.
Cool wind blew up from Aso valley.
Karst heights boasts its landscape with full variety such as pasture, view points, and pampas field. I sometimes stopped the car to take the pictures.
Direct to Beppu and right to Kujyu. I turned right to go home.
Good bye the winter sun. Thank you for your good present of the bush in the red.
It was very good to enjoy early winter heights.