November 3-4, 2004: Old friends from Germany
On a beautiful autumnal day, I came up to Beppu port to welcome our friends.
When we made a trip to Germany, Mr. Klaus and Ms. Kaeko shared their time for us for two weeks. Mr. Emberg, Mr. Klaus's friend living in Shimonoseki Japan, will join us.
They are very good conditions as well. We were very glad to see again. We five then enjoyed drive to Yufuin.
Yufuin is always beautiful. The autumnal tints started to change color around Kinrin Pond.
Straw thatched public hot spring looked new to Mr. Klaus.
We took a lunch at Budouya restaurant of Tamanoyu hotel. The lunch boxes were seasonal vegetable based dishes. They were really wonderful.
The Japanese Tatami-style dinning room was very good as we could stretch our legs into the dent under the table. Mr. Emberg sat straight through the lunch time. I was admired by his style. He has been living in Japan for more than 22 years.

Kamenoi Besso hotel's garden is in its best beauty.
From right, Ken, Mr. Klaus, Mr. Emberg, Ms. Kaeko, and Mie.
Ms. Kaeko loves music very much. She is always interested in Yufuin Music Festival(YMF). This was why we then visited Artegio in which YMF autumnal concert was held the other day.
Quiet space, wonderful pictures and arts fascinated us.
Mr. Klaus and other guests were interested in listening music here. I said them to see you again here in the next year concert.
We came back to Beppu. We looked around Yunohana straw thatched cottage. Although there are many spas in Germany as well, the cottage looked attract attention.
We then looked around Umi-Jigoku, or Sea Hell. The boiling water's color is beautiful cobalt blue.
Red Torii gates are new for them as well. This is one of unique Japanese landscape.
We stayed at Kannawa spa. We have had a long, but good day today.
Me. Emberg went back home from here. See you again.
We enjoyed real Japanese style dinner with pleasant chatting.
We took we-were-there-pictures.
November 4: We had a beautiful day today as well. My husband returned home to attend an IT teaching class. We three then drove out.
We visited Takasakiyama under the deep blue sky and autumnal tints.
Many spring-born baby monkeys were gathering in the feeding zone.
Lovely monkeys.
Feeding time was one of the highlights of the park.
Many Korean tourists were here and there.
The group of Korean tourists.
We then came back to Oita station.

I was glad to hear "Please come to Germany taking much time." I really want to visit Europe again. Please enjoy remaining days in Japan.