Oct 23, 2004:Yufuin Music Festival (Autumn)
The 30th anniversary of YFM autumnal concert was opened. We headed before noon for the preparation together with Mr. Andrew who stayed in my home.
At Kotokoto-Ya tearoom, Mr. Fuchino asked Mr. Andrew to check his English poster.
Today's site was Artegio in "Fantasy Forest." The young staff built up a beautiful signboard like this.
The chairs have arrived. People carried them into the hall.
Many items were set up at the stage.
Three reflector plates were set on the stage.
As the stage position was fixed, people arranged many chairs.
A heavy grand piano was set in position as well. It needed so much attention.
Mr. Andrew, tall man, helped the staff in hoisting a logo mark on the top of the reflector.
Mt. Yufu stood still in the evening red by changing its color constantly.
Tokyo members arrived, from left Ms.Fujise, Mr. Watanabe (a music writer), and his wife Mrs. Minokuchi.
Mr. Watanabe's explanation on YMF is always good attracting many fans.
The staff took dinner of package box.
The artists started the tuning.

The performance was really good. They were a perfect trio.(Picture by Mr.Yawara Watanabe)

The hall was designed to harmonize art and music. (Picture by Mr.Yawara Watanabe)
Some friends of mine joined the concert.
The hall was filled with the audience. The wonderful concert was over in success. The stage was quickly removed.
After the concert, the artists and staff had a short rest at Shouya room of Kamenoi Besso hotel.
Mr. Andrew was looked like interested in the Irori (Japanese traditional fireplace.)

The fruitful autumnal concert was over like this.
Picture by Mr.Yawara Watanabe and Mie Nagano
report by:Nagano Mie

The 30th anniversary of YMF winter concert
December 30(Th) Harpsichord recital by Michio Kobayashi, from 8:00 p.m. at Artegio