October 16-24, 2004: Welcome Mr. Andrew from UK
October 16: A nice guy showed up at my home from the UK, Mr.Andrew. He speaks Japanese very well.
"This is my first visit to Japan", he said. We are very glad to know that he selected to stay at my home first in Oita, Japan.
October 17: He hopes to brush up his Japanese speaking skills by touching actual ordinary life and culture in Japan. This is why we asked him to help us in renewing Shouji screens, Japanese traditional paper screens, in a Tatami room.
Old paper was removed first. He carefully watched what I did.
Then we worked together in pasting the glue or setting new paper on the screens.
Well, the fresh white screens were set on the windows.
Thank you Mr. Andrew for your help. "Afternoon tea" is a traditional English custom. We enjoyed a calm time on the terrace.
OK. It was a good time to go for a walk in the community.
We enjoyed wonderful views from the top of a nearby hill. Beautiful cosmos flowers smiled at us.
In the afternoon, we went shopping and visited Ms. Noura who introduced Mr. Andrew to us.
October 18: In the evening, we visited Yufuin town together to join a regular meeting for an upcoming autumn concert as a part of commemorative event of the 30th Yufuin Music Festival.
October 19: Mr. Andrew, who speaks Japanese very well and is very interested in learning many languages all around the world, started to write Hiragana.
Japanese has a lot of "same sound with different meaning" words. He studies them and asks us until he completely understands them. We are really surprised by his good sense and enthusiasm towards language.
October 20: Typhoon #23 landed Kagoshima and passed to Shikoku Island today. Here in Oita, we had a very strong wind and rain. Mr. Andrew was surprised by experiencing such heavy storm.
October 21: We had wonderful weather after the typhoon was gone. We all drove out.
The first destination was Myouban Hell in Beppu city. We saw Yunohana thatched houses. Many tourists from Korea were around us.
Hot spring steam welcomed Mr. Andrew.
Next stop was Kumano Magaibutsu temple in Kunisaki peninsula. Niou stone statue smiles at him.
The statue stands still on the cliff. We climbed up a steep stone slope which was constructed in a night by devils, they say.
Mr. Andrew was interested in Kunisaki Tou, as his country, the UK, has a lot of stone monuments.
A slightly late lunch was the special product of this area called Shiitake dish, including Shiitake mushrooms, rice, Sashimi of KonnyKu (jelly-like food made from the starch of devilfs tongue), and boiled vegetables. All of them were healthy foods.
"The Great Hall of Fuki-ji" stands elegantly in the autumnal clear air. He was interested in the quiet atmosphere of the temple with very old paintings on the interior walls.
Usa shrine is the headquarters of Hachiman shrines in Japan, some 40,000 in total.The color contrast was one of the representative types of scenery of Japan.
Leaves started to turn the colors.

The shrine will hold a special ceremony to welcome envoys from the Emperor next year. The buildings were being renovated. Mr. Andrew was very glad to see the shrine as he is very interested in history.
October 22: This is a "Last Dinner" with Mr. Andrew. He kindly said to me "I feel lonely." He has a very gentle mind.
We took a "Good-bye picture."
We will visit Yufuin tomorrow.
October 23: Beautiful day again

We will have a concert today. Before going there, we visited Oita Municipal Historical Museum close to my home.
The Museum displays a long history of this area dating back to Nara Era. Mr. Andrew looked like very much interested in it.
We arrived at Yufuin Valley and took a picture from Minaki-Yufu railroad station, a good view point of the landscape.
My husband drove out to pick the artists up. Mr. Andrew and I walked around the valley. Autumnal colors have already started to change into yellow and red.
We enjoyed a tea break at Tenjou Sajiki in which Gregorian music flows quietly. Huge black beams supporting the building and beautiful scenery outside the window make Mr. Andrew feel good.
After the break, we visited Artegio where the concert was to be held soon. He helped us in carrying and setting the chairs in the hall.
My close friends kindly joined us. We will stay in Yufuin with them.
October 24: A flower vase at the entrance of the inn holds chrysanthemum and autumn bellflower.
After the morning bathing, we took the breakfast together. From left Mr. Ogasawara, Ms. Noura, Ms. Kaoru, and Mr.Andrew.
Ms. Noura brewed a wonderful black tea after the breakfast. We also enjoyed English biscuit brought by Mr. Andrew all the way from his country.
Camellia dots the autumn of Yufuin.
A hot spring wells up even on the roadside.
We were welcomed by Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the chairman of Tamanoyu hotel. We enjoyed a good tea time in front of the fireplace.
Japanese traditional Kimono costume matches well with the scenery of Yufuin.
We then visited Kamenoi Besso Hotel. The trees in the garden are really beautiful with slight autumnal tints.

Mr. and Mrs. Nakaya welcomed us.
We then drove up to Kujyuu Highland. Many tourists were enjoying the beautiful Sunday.

The fume of volcano Iwou is new to Mr. Andrew.
We walked around Chouja-Baru field. I myself visited here after a long time. Japanese pampas grass swings in the cool breeze and autumnal tints started in the hillside. It was really beautiful landscape.
Mr. Andrew looked like satisfied with the beauty. I said good-bye to Mr. Andrew who would visit next host family this evening.
Have a good trip in Japan, Mr. Andrew. Thank you very much for your wonderful memories. See you again next in the UK. End