October 2, 2004: Dandelion Club concert for mothers
We will have the fourth concert for mother in Dannoharu nursery school.
The club consists of three mothers in the area wishing to give kids listening real classical music.
Hideki Gotoh, who played wonderful music last year here, leads a music player's team called "Zele-Torio."
Oita group of Friends sponsors this time and prepare for tea party after the concert. Homemade bread, cookies and cakes will be sold at the sales stand.
A bouquet was presented from Kyouko Itoh(pianist), the general manager of Argericchi Music Festival in Beppu.
The concert starts now. The sponsor makes a few words in the beginning. Some 200 audience sit silently. Kids listen to it carefully.
Soprano solo by Satori Nenoki who was awarded in a song contest. Many Japanese traditional music like Momiji, Koujou-no-tsuki sound beautifully.
Takahashi accompanies the song including brief explanation of the music. She also played wonderful music as well.
Yuina Kanda, a high school student, played another good music. Many wonderful young musicians are growing here in Oita. They got a storm of applause after the play.
The performance by Zele Trio starts. Piano by Hideki Gotoh, violin by Naoki Takiguchi, cello by Tomohiro Tamura. They played many popular music including "My Memory" of Winter Sonata, a love story booming in Japan.
The concert was over in a good atmosphere. Ono reported that they will have another plan to have two chances like this in this year.
After the good music, all people enjoyed simple tea party over cakes and black tea. We will have this kind of concert next year.
Concert for mothers
Site: Dannoharu nursery school
Sponsor: Dandelion Club
Co-sponsor: Oita municipal board of education, Oita Godo Press, Oita GOF, HOwa bank Hetsugi Branch, Mukumoto dental clinic, Sangokushi
Zele Trio Hideki Goto(piano)
Naoki Takiguchi(violin), Tomoaki Tamura (Cello)
Satori Nenoki(Song)
Tetsuko Takahashi(piano)
report byNagano