September 9, 2004: After two typhoons
Typhoon Nos. 16 and 18 hit Oita area one after another this autumn.
They gave big damages here and there but brought cool autumn at the same time.

The ears of Japanese pampas grass were blown off by strong wind and look something lonely. Autumn fills the air around me.
Cows have a good appetite grazing grass peacefully.
The meadow was already prepared for winter to come.
Autumn comes first in the sky.
Rice paddies changes their color into gold. It grows rich despite heavy rain and wind of the typhoons.
I found a traffic sign twisted by the typhoon.

So many tall trees on Hita and Ozu old highways were broken by the typhoons. They have lived for hundreds years and were broken this time by the typhoons. I hope we will have no more typhoon this year.