August 18, 2004: Early autumn arrived
Typhoon No. 15 still raging over Oita area with occasional rain. I visit Kumamoto city looking Kujuu mountain range on the right. The mountains are covered with black clouds.
The weather is recovering however. Blue sky smiles at me.
Rain washed green highland, blue sky, and white clouds make me feel happy by driving the plateau. This is my regular busy visit to Kumamoto.
I drove down to Ichinomiya town. I found some stands that sell local agricultural products. I always pass by it because time schedule doesn't allow me to drop in.
After the regular meeting at Kumamoto, I headed home. I took a short break at my favorite familiar spot that overviews Aso Valley.
The rice paddies are tiled regularly like this. It is one of beautiful Japanese landscape.
Cosmos has started to bloom beautifully.
I found so many unknown flowers in the bush. Yes, autumnal coolness is taking place instead of hot summer.
Lovely "Kitsune-no-kamisori (fox razor)."
Insects are chirping here and there under the grass.

The plateau will welcome full autumn soon.
The rain started to fall again. Black clouds hurry to north.
The road is closed by the mist and heavy rain hits my car again.
I found a faint rainbow in the sky after I passed by Kujuu mountain. I was delighted to expect something good tomorrow.