August 6-7, 2004: Narita Airport
Early in the morning, we flew out from Oita airport to Tokyo (Haneda), then to Narita airport. In the hot and blue air, our flight was fine.
A strict inspection at the entrance of the airport area was being held to detect something dangerous. As we didn't carry passports with us this time, we were asked to show the officer our driver licenses. I wonder if one doesn't have a drive license.
We took a limousine bus from terminal 2 to the hotel we stay tonight.
I found a catering service station on my way. I want to take it in an international airline.
Frequent shadow of a plane make me dream to visit an overseas country.
Herb garden look like cool. The outside air is terrible, however.
We ordered a bottle of wine at the dinner.
Our daughter leaves for her new post tomorrow.
We enjoyed a good time at the lounge on the top floor. The night landscape of the airport is very beautiful
We enjoyed cocktails.
In the next morning, we headed to the terminal. We were again checked by the officer.
The terminal was crowded heavily by the tourists. I found a group with the national flags in hands. They are the supporters of the Olympic Game to be held soon in Athens, Greece.
A battery of press camera. I became a part of it with a digital camera in hand.
Soon, Olympic athletes appeared.
Many famous athletes passed by.
Yawara-chan, the most popular female Judo athlete, responds back to the crowd7s call. She is so cute.
So many luggage are of the athlete's.
An Olympic mark is attached on each trunk without fail. I hope they will exert their full power in the game.
After the athlete group has started, we saw off our daughter. Some trunks were already passed the security check.
Currency exchange was finished as well. We saw Euro money for the first time. I want to use it someday.
Bon Voyage and have a good time with your husband. See you again!