July 30, 2004: "Artegio" in the green
The 30th YMF officially starts from today. The site is called Artegio, a newly built art-and-music museum in the midst of the thick forest on the slope of Mt.Yufu. The beautiful direction board was made by the young staffs of Yufuin village.
The museum usually exhibits art works, but all of them were moved aside to set up the music stage.
Young staff prepares for the stage. The rehearsal is already under way.
Old Western Music Tour - Music around the gManuale ad Sacramentah started with the conduct of Shigemi Takei.

The hall is filled with many guests.
Beautiful Gregorian songs ease the hearts of the listeners.
The concert was over in the storm of applause.

A harpsichord was brought in soon for the evening concert.
The staff takes a short break. I visited Kotokoto-Ya taproom to relax. Ms.Takei just finished the concert and joined us. She took out an unusual musical instrument called Ravec made in 15th century and played it for me.
The staff came back to Artegio to prepare Michio Kobayashi recital to be opened from eight p.m.
Kobayashi became a resident of Yufuin village last year and is now working as "General Music Advisor" of YMF. Many fans crowd around to listen his music each year.
This time, Air quartet played music together.
The members of Air quartet. From left, Kanamaru (cello), Umehara (first violin), Izumi (second violin), and Igawa (viola.)
During the concert at Artegio, mini-concerts were held here and there in the village to appeal classical music to the local residents and sightseers.

A flute concert at Yufuin railroad station hall.
Junko Ohmori is one of the prominent violinists in the world. She is also very eager for popularization of classical music. The picture was taken at Hakusuien old people's home.
A street concert near Kinrin pond. Young staffs distribute handbills to the listeners.

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