July 29, 2004: YMF starts soon
YMF, Yufuin Music Festival, will be opened soon. This time, we cerebrate commemorative 30th anniversary. We will stay at Kanakana cottage as usual.
We will have a "Eve" today at Central public hall of Yufuin town. Young members of the festival prepared for the festival from long long time ago to boost up the festival. A large signboard like this is one of their products.
The parking lot guide is very easy to find.
Many expert volunteers join the festival from Tokyo, Miyazaki and help making the decorations. This is an information corner.
On the main stage, the rehearsals are on the way. This time, successive music directors Momoo Kishibe (First, violin), Fumiaki Kouno (third, cello), and present Michio Kobayashi (piano and harpsichord) will play wonderful music. Unfortunately, Toshio Kuronuma, the second@director, passed away.
Young public relations team go out for the streets in such costume, "walking PR tower."
On the commemorative festival, many dear old pictures are on display on the wall of the hall. My husband Ken will join the festival as usual.
I was taken a picture with handmade signboard. I hope many guests will come and join us.