June 9, 2004: To Kumamoto as usual
We have a fine day today during the interval of the rainy season. I visited Kumamoto City on business in a day.
On my familiar way to Kumamoto, I dropped in Aso shrine, I have long been wanted to see.
The shrine is really big, but it was calm in the evening. The letters on the large tablet was written by Arisugawa, one of the Royal Families, they say.
The two-storied gate is unusual as for a shrine, they say. The gate was affected by Buddhism.
The huge rock, called "Wishing Rock", is the remnant of the wish by Aso God two thousand years ago.
"If you touch the rock three times by repeating your wish, you will be blessed". the explanation reads like this. I wished the safety of driving back home.
This is my regular rest point to and from Kumamoto. The view is very fine.
The rice paddies under the sight is also beautiful in each time of the four seasons.
The paddies were already watered for rice planting just to come.
It was very comfortable to drive through the grass land in the early summer. I arrived home safe just I wished the God of Aso shrine.