May 31~June 1, 2004: Okinawa
I visited Okinawa Island to attend a subscribers' meeting to be held on June 1 sponsored by Group of Friends Okinawa branch. Here on the web, I would like to introduce you of the many local dishes I actually enjoyed.
My homeland Oita has just entered Tsuyu (rain) season. I headed to Fukuoka airport from Beppu City by highway bus and caught a flight to Okinawa.
Under the wing, deep blue sea is shining in the morning sun. The color tells us that we are approaching to Okinawa.
Steamy heat over 30 degrees C welcomed me at Naha airport. I got on a newly built monorail.
The monorail called "Yui Rail" is very lovely and moves slowly.
It is very interesting to look down the streets of Naha City. The sky is quite beautiful.
I got off the monorail at a station called Omoro-Chou, a funny name. I headed to the hotel I will stay for two nights. The hotel is a beautiful resort hotel. The room is clean with white wall and some Ryukyu objets dfart on the wall.
Through the window, I can see the restaurant halving brilliant red colored roof that matches well with flourishing plants.
In the afternoon, I visited Shuri Royal Palace. The Palace was first constructed in 14th century, they say. So many cycads are here and there. I climbed up the stone pavement.
Red roof, blue sky, and white clouds make a wonderful landscape.
I was taken a commemorative picture in front of the Main Building. The subjects had flanked on both side striped pattern, they say. The main building has been destroyed four times in the past, including Okinawa Battle in World War 2. The Palace was restored about a half century ago. The inside of the building is decorated with brilliant red and gold.
The main Gate called "Shurei-no-mon" hoists a tablet that reads "Ryukyu is a country of courtesy." The former Palace was designated as a National Treasure in 1933, but was destroyed in Okinawa Battle. It was restored in 1958 based on the old design drawings and pictures.

I remember I stood here together with my families and took pictures as well. It is my good old memory.