May 19-24, 2004: To Tokyo
On May 20, a general committee was held in Tokyo Group of Friends' GOF) house. A beautiful flower vase welcomed us.
After the committee, we visited Females' Friends Publisher next to GOF. The Publisher cerebrates its 100th anniversary by displaying many account books.
I was taken a picture in a room provided with a fireplace, I am in tension a little.
On May 21st the National Grand Meeting of GOF was held at an auditorium of Jiyuu Gakuen school in Higashi Kurume, The main theme of this time meeting was "Let's boost up our power to realize a society of Love, Freedom, and Cooperation."

Wonderful flower vase smiles at us.
The subscribers' meeting all through the country cerebrated the 100th anniversary of Females7 Friends magazine. The celebration places were dotted with red round mark on the map. They have reported their activities respectively.
Oita GOF has just opened a subscribers' meetingmeeting.
The lunch was prepared by the boy students of Jiyuu Gakuen high@school. The leader explains the menu.
They keep pigs in the school and made white stew from it together with greens taken from the field in the campus. The dish was so good, but I am afraid that I might have taken too high calorific value.
The value was 1303 in total.
The table center was of beautiful embroidery cloth.
After the lunch, we had a meeting in the gymnastic hall of female class with the teachers of the school on the theme of summer holiday season's events.
After the general meeting, we visited the new building of the college. The building was constructed in commemoration with the 80th anniversary of Jiyuu Gakuen.
Beautiful stained glasses are here and there.

We had a Kyushu Block meeting in the night.
We discussed on the report of "food research."
After that, we had a committee. A simple tea and cake have made us relaxed.
May 22. Over 1,200 members gathered to Japan Young People's Hall. This is the second day of the general meeting.
In GOF, many members have business works. Some members introduced how to share the time of the business and the activities of GOF.

GOF style account book will cerebrate its 100th anniversary this year.
The account book tells us the importance of keeping the family budget.
May 23. The general meeting was over in success. We had a small meeting on the review and future items to do. Yellow flowers are in the center of the meeting room.
We took lunch at Tomorrow Hall dining room. The Hall was originally built by FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT and is now National Important Cultural Asset. The elegant building matches well with the roses on the fence.
As the original concept of the Founder Mr. and Mrs. Hani was to take warm lunch together with all the students in the school, the dining room is located in the center of the campus.

As the Hall has high ceiling, illuminating lamps were hang down from the top by the V-shaped hangers designed by WRIGHT.
Even on a coffee cup is a design of beautiful Tomorrow's Hall.
Ha stone is used much here and there to build the structure. A hydrangea boasts of its beauty in the pond.
May 24. Back to Oita. As I had some time until the flight, I visited an exhibition.
Hydrangea design is even on the subway corridor.
I visited Roppongi Hills. I entered Mori Museum in which an exhibition "What is modern? Sponsored by New York Contemporary Museum."
I was glad to see many pictures I love.
From the observation platform I could overview streets of Tokyo.
Miraculous greens in the center of stone building. This is Mouri Garden.
Azalea is in full bloom and blue flag will soon bloom.
Roppongi Hills has many kind of buildings.
Tokyo Tower is near from Keyaki Street.
Well, I have to go to Haneda airport quickly.
Blue sky and palm trees remind me of my homeland Oita.

I have experienced much this time in Tokyo.