March 3, 2004: From Jaipur to Agra
The garden of the hotel is really beautiful.
The breakfast is buffet style. So many kinds of spicy food tell that you are in India now.
The Wind Palace.
Jaipur is called "pink city."

The wall has so many windows that allow the wind to pass through them. Many queens were viewing down the street from the windows, they say.
So many bicycle taxis fill the street. Pink color is everywhere in the town.
We drove down to Agra some 240 Km away.
Brick factory is surrounded with raw material.
Farteburshikuri was the capitol of Mugal Empire from 1574 to 1588. This is one of the world heritages in India.
The pillar is decorated with beautiful sculpture.
Wonderful patterns on the wall.
Wheat is under cropping. Our bus was caught in a heavy traffic jam.
Cow is free from the jam.
We arrived at a hotel at last and took a late lunch.
We were refreshed and started again. Today's destination is Agra Castle, one of the world heritages. The castle was built by Akbal, the third king, in 16th century.
Janam River originate in the Himalayas and flows down by the castle. Taj Mahal is visible from the terrace.
In memory of his lost queen, the king created Taj Mahal as a tomb. He was then imprisoned in Agra by his son, however. He spent his last days by viewing Taj Mahal from here.
We will visit Taj Mahal at last.
An electric bus conveys the visitors.
Oh, Taj Mahal is shining beyond the front pond. I was here at last.
We have to take off the shoes or wear a pair of overshoes cover to access the white marbled tomb. Many tourists visit there on barefooted.
We look down Jamna river from Taj Mahal this time.
The beautiful sunset.
I was really happy to be able to stand here Taj Mahal in the sunset.
Acid rain quietly deteriorates the beautiful architecture, however.
The sunset.
We returned back to the hotel after seeing the highlight of this time trip. This is an Indian bill, Rupi.
The red colored bill is 10 Rupi. It is very useful to use a toilet.
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