April 24, 2004: Spring Festival "Violin recital by Shizuka Ishikawa"
The great performance was over, but many people are still lingering around the site.
Soon a small party with the artists was started in Artegio restaurant. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF, makes a few words in the beginning.
Toast! Ishikawa in front and Kobayashi in the back.
Big foods are here and there, fresh ham was sliced out directly from the lump.
It meets with fresh salad very much.
Glasses are shining on the table. I took red wine together with wonderful foods and enjoyed chatting.
The staffs joined the party after cleaning the hall. Mizoguchi toasts again.
The artists responded back to Mizoguchi. Big applause took place.

We enjoyed good time late into the night.
The first trial of the 30th YMF in spring was over in success thanks to the cooperation of the guests, artists, and staffs.