April 24, 2004: Spring Festival "Violin recital by Shizuka Ishikawa"
Some staffs do something on the corridor that leads to the site.
They attach such notes on the concrete wall.
The series of note leads the guest to the hall.
The site, an art museum, always appeals "music" to the visitors.
A piano was set in the center after the monuments.

I looked down the hall from the harpsichord stage on the mezzanine.
The tuning started by Shizuka Ishikawa and Michio Kobayashi, accompanist.
Staffs take simple food looking up the peak of Mt. Yufu during the tuning.
Egg is good, a staff recommended it to me.
The guests flock in twos and threes. CDs of Ishikawa are on sale here.
The program was prepared by the staff. The pale pink color tells the spring season.

The hall was completely filled by the guests, additional chairs were set quickly. The concert was over in success.