April 15, 2004: Kurume City
I started at seven in the morning to attend a meeting to be held today in KurumeCity. Yufuin valley is in the morning mist.
I got on Oita expwy from Yufuin interchange. A strange-shaped mountain is in sight soon, Mt. Kirikabu in Kusu town.
The road is shrouded in a heavy mist.
I arrived at Kurume City earlier than I had expected. The azalea in the park has started to bloom.
Today, a meeting will be held here in Kurume Branch to select new leaders. Beautiful flowers are competing their beauty in the vase.
The lunch was homemade carefully prepared by the members of Kurume branch.
We had a meeting to start this year. Some 50 members including the leaders from several prefecture in Kyushu Island joined the meeting.
The meeting was over at 15:30. We had a short review and left Kurume at past four in the afternoon.

Whenever people hear a word "Kurume", they connect it to a word "Ramen", or Japanese noodle assorted in Chinese style. We were one of them.
I tried seaweed-and-leak Ramen.
I got off Oita expwy at Yufuin IC. Mt. Yufu welcomed me and I was relieved to know that I was back home.