January 29- February 1, 2004: Invited to a seminar in iCAP Mie COARA
January 29: iCAP Mie COARA in Kuwana City.
I got a Kintetsu train to Kuwana from Nagoya.
The train crossed two big rivers namely Kiso and Ibi before arriving to Kuwana.
Kuwana station was of a small lovely building. I was picked up by Ms. Mizutani at there.
Passing through a historical-looking town we arrived at an apartment in Ohyamada apartment complex. iCAP Mie COARA opens its headquarters here.
iCAP Mie COARA was designated as a business support program of Mie Prefecture and started in November 2003. COARA Co., Ltd. in Oita prefecture backs it up technically.
Mizutani, Kondou, and Hirano are working busy for tomorrow meeting.
The main office is of Tatami room. A digital studio is behind the next door.
Mr. Hattori helps setting up the system to be used tomorrow.
Leaving the busy room, I was invited to a dinner in a good restaurant.
The luxurious cottage-like restaurant was designed by Mizutani's elder brother. We enjoyed Italian dishes in a good atmosphere.
I will stay Sanko Hotel in front of Kuwana station. It was new and good.
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