January 19, 2004: NPO Sightseeing COARA
We had the fourth preparation meeting of Sightseeing COARA today at Iness (one of Oita Prefectural branch offices) from 10:30 a.m in the Japanese Tatami room.
Before all the members showed up, we exchanged business cards. Mr. Kitani was a center of pleasant chatting on his experience of visiting Yufuin.
Well the pending items are on the discussion table. Mr. Ono, the president of COARA Co., Ltd, reported about the progress of the preparation since last time meeting.
Mr. Kadowaki is busy in taking memo. Mr. Shigeno and Ms. Korenaga look like something pleasant. The meeting went on smoothly.
Ms. Kuwano, the president of Tamanoyu Hotel in Yufuin, stressed the importance of viewing sightseeing from the stand point of female and continue to send out the information. She also expects to boost up the sightseeing industry by using IT.
Mr. Fujino is busy in adjusting the next time meeting because all the members are always caught in their own businesses. The conclusion: to meet in early February.
As I have been thirsty for a good lunch after a long time, I was very happy to get many friends on the lunch. Mt. Fuji was the center of the lunch time chatting, I didn't understand why.
The restaurant features its good taste of spaghetti.
Watanabe, Hayashi, and Korenaga (hands only, sorry) were still talking about the plan of NPO.
We ordered special spaghetti. The dessert was also unusual.
NPO (under application) Sightseeing COARA, the 4th meeting
Date: January 19, 10:30-12:30
Place: Iness
Attendant 10
picture and report by Nagano

NPO Sightseeing COARA preparation meeting office