January 17, 2004: Rare snow in Oita
When I got up in the morning, I found the ground was turned to white with snowfall after a long time. I got delighted and dashed out with a camera in hand.
My two mascot ducks are quivering under the snow cover.
Even my car turned its nose white.
The playground of the next door kindergarten looks unusual with the tire-mound.
White fields nearby.

Snow is a great artist like this.
On a cold day like today, we had a regular meeting in our Oita GOF house, however. The house stands near Oita river bank. There is no snow at all in the landscape. I was surprised to find that just ten minute drive took me to another world.
So rich good flavor of just-out-of-oven bread fills the kitchen already.
In the afternoon, the sun appeared hesitatingly from behind the cloud and smiled at us.

The top of Mt. Yufu also emerged from the sea of cloud. We will have a cold night today.