December 29, 2003: NPO Sightseeing COARA (under application)
Sightseeing COARA has already applied for NPO foundation on November 11. Since then we have been preparing for a commemorative meeting for the kick-off meeting. We flocked to a hotel in downtown Oita to discuss about the planning for actual activities.
From left, Fujino, Ono, Kuwano, Kadowaki, Korenaga, Shigeno, Hayashi, Abe, and Mizoguchi.
Mr. Mizoguchi from Yufuin distributed the copies of newspaper. The topic of the paper was a round-table talk on sightseeing with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. Mr. Mizoguchi was nominated by the Government as a "Sightseeing charisma."
On the spread pages, the round talk was introduced in detail. Mizoguchi stressed the importance of Information Technology practical use in sightseeing industry.

His word is quite helpful to our Sightseeing COARA who is just about to start.
Five plans were presented today. Each of them was appealed from the planners.from left,Mizoguchi,Nagano
We believed wonderful plans would be born if all of them were carefully checked combined. from left, Watanabe, Fujino
The discussion was luckily interrupted by good dishes. Well, toast anyway!
Mr. Ono, the president of COARA, is busy in taking picture and dish. His brain is filled with wonderful ideas.
Good pork loaf matches well with wonderful wine.
Next meeting will be held in late January to discuss much more ideas. Have a good New Year!Today's attendants were, from left, Hayashi, Korenaga, Watanabe, Fujino followed by Ono, Kuwano, Kadowaki, Shigeno, Mizoguchi, and Nagano.
NPO Sightseeing COARA (under application) The 3rd meeting
Date: December 29 17:00-
Place: Il Conso restaurant, the 1st floor of Miyako Inn, Oita
Attendant: 11
NPO Sightseeing COARA foundation room

Report by Nagano

Photo by Ono,Watanabe, Nagano