December 6, 2003: New shopping stores opened
Not far from my house, two large shopping stores opened today.
One is home electric appliances including personal computers. The other is super market. The former will attract my husband and the latter is one of my favorites.
The two shops opened today with big opening sales. Cars flooded around the stores and I had to park at a temporary lot.
Many bouquets decorate the entrances of the shops.
The caller-ins appeal the loss leaders of the day. In the shop, the big sound hit my ears and I soon got out.
Some young people wait for tomorrow's super loss leaders in the cold wind.
I headed to the next door supermarket. I will be a good client from now on.
The shop was so densely crowded with the first shoppers under the Christmas ornaments.
I could get some loss leaders at last.
The shops are close to my house and they will be very convenient for me.