November 23-25, 2003 Early Christmas in Tokyo
On November 23 before the dawn.
The first light to Beppu bay.
We will have a beautiful day today.
A huge Christmas tree welcomed me at Haneda airport.
Jiyu Gakuen in Kurume city. The trees in the campus boast of their beautiful autumn colors. My husband visits here for the first time in 15 years since my son graduated here. He feels something deep.
A commemorative picture taken by one of the kind visitors today. On the back is girls' gym building which was recently designated as a historical assets of Metropolis Tokyo.
The boysf gym was designated as well together with other buildings in the campus.
We have a Cooperative Member meeting here. Many collections by Jiyu Gakuen were open to us today together with historical buildings. After looking around them, we had a tea break in commemorative house of Yoshikazu Hani, the founder's husband.
Deep red leaves in the campus.
We stayed at our son's house. We then visited the grave in Yokohama City next day.
The shopping mall nearby was decorated with Christmas ornaments.
We visited Tokyo by a package tour this time. We stay in Hotel Okura today.
In 1917, the hotel was founded by Kihachiro Okura. The building is the first private museum in Japan. It was closed today for maintenance, however.
Another Christmas tree beside the museum.
The hotel is filled with the forest of the Christmas trees.
A decoration in the main lobby.
Three trees in the spacious lobby.
In the South Wing.
My son and daughter-in-law showed up to enjoy dinner tonight.
Another Christmas tree in an adult atmosphere.
The hors dfoeuvres is of rabbit meat dish with grain mustard and other flavors.
We enjoyed the adult atmosphere on the back ground live play of piano.
He has been and will be my son regardless his size and age.
A snowman welcomed us at the breakfast hall.
We took American breakfast here.
Tokyo is always changing.
Mt Takasaki of Oita in the dust eased us.