November 8, 2003: "Rittou" in Fujimigaoka
"Winter stands", the traditional Japanese calendar expressed the arrival of winter like this. It is rather warmer than usual here in Fujimigaoka local community, however.
The entrance of the community is dressed up with beautiful autumnal color of Keyaki (a Japanese tree of the genus Zelkova) leaves.
Yes, it is beautiful as everybody agrees, but cleaning the street may generate another dispute.
I walk around the promenade of the community dotted with beautiful wild chrysanthemum.
The small trail encircles the rim of the community. Unknown white and yellow wild flowers welcome me in the cool breeze.
Japanese pampas grass are nodding at me saying good-bye.
I wonder what the name of the grass that may scatter their adhesive seeds by attaching themselves on the passenger's cloth.
This is Shourinji grave yard. A concrete Kwannon (the Goddess of Mercy) statue watches the troubles of human world on the back ground of Ryouzenn (Holly hill) silhouette.
Red fallen leaves color the soil canvas.
The white flower may be Otokoeshi (Patrinia villosa.) The yellow flower is troublesome Solidago altissima
Rhus succedanea has already turned to crimson.
Suddenly, an apartment jumped into my sight. In the back of the building are many alerts that read "Watch the vipers."
What is the name of this lovely red flower? "Mayumi" ?
Wild strawberry, a late comer.
The red ivy leaves are just like Japanese kimono pattern.
My community has changed its address from this month. This area is called Fujimigaoka west.
Oita nursing college stands lonely on the hill. an advertising balloon may expect many visitors.
I found many adhesive "travelers" on my cloth.
The trail led me to a road that runs under the college.
Lovely blue and red flowers smile at me.
Inutade (Persicaria longiseta Kitag) flower supports a web of a beautiful spider.
New address plates are attached here and there of the community.
This is one of them attached on my fence.
Until today. we had two naming systems of the address, formal and commonly called name. I believe the new name will eliminate the confusion.