October 23, 2003 Haiku composing trip
Autumn is deepening. After a long time, I visited Nagayu spa to compose Haiku together with my friends.
We deposited our belongings at a restaurant and walked out for composing. One of our member tries to drink soda spa welling.
Nagayu spa stands along Serikawa river. The leaves have started to turn their color to autumnal tints.

Haze leaves shine on the river water along the old spa inn.

Many ducks rest wings in the river.
Pleasant ducks make my mind relaxed.
"Kaniyu" is a spa pool welling up from the riverbed.
This is it.
Only brave women may take bathing here under open space. Many visitors only dip their hands to confirm the temperature.
"Once upon a time,", a billboard reds, "a huge crab lived in this river. It wanted to marry a beautiful girl..."
Red carpet of lovely Inutade flower spreads over the fallow field.
Famous poets Yosano Tekkan and Masako once visited here and left a stone monument like this.
Santouka, another famous wandering poet, left some monuments as well. Nagayu spa has been attracting many artists until today.

Beautiful persimmons shine in the blue sky.
We returned back to the restaurant to take lunch. Fried Yamame fish is one of special food of Nagayu spa resort.

Newly prepared Soba makes our mouths enjoy.
After the lunch, we composed Haiku.
And showed them each other.
All the members selected many Haiku and discuss over them. We have had a good day here in Nagayu spa today.