October 1, 2003: The 50th anniversary of Tamanoyu Hotel
Mt. Yufu welcomes us with its beautiful slope under the blue sky.
Tamanoyu Hotel, one of the best Japanese hotels in Yufuin spa, cerebrates its 50th anniversary today. We were invited to the ceremony.
From 11 a.m, Grand Hannya Ceremony was held. Tamanoyu was founded in 1958 as a sanatorium of Zen priests.
A Buddha image is set on the front wall.
The Ceremony was carried out by many priests to pray for the ancestors, flourishing of Yufuin valley, and the peaceful world.
After the ceremony, we moved to Yufuin Museum nearby. The leaves have already started to change the colors.
A huge cosmos flower set is in the center of the garden.
many famous guests flock here today. "What is the taste of beer today?" Mr. Ono, the originator of the first local beer Yufuin, smiles at us. "Sure!" my husband responded.

Today's leaders, Ms. Izumi Kuwano who becomes the new president of the Hotel and her father Kumpei Mizoguchi , former president, gave me a photo opportunity.

Thanks party starts. The emcee is Mr. Taro Nakaya of Kamenoi Besso Hotel.
Morihiko Hiramatsu, former governor of Oita prefecture, makes a few words representing the guests.
Kazuyo Edamoto, ex-singer of Takarazuka sang a cerebrating song.
Kouhei Tsuka, a prominent entertainer, proposed a toast.

Emi Kobayashi, a beautiful regular member of Yufuin Music Festival played wonderful music.
Her wonderful melody sounds in autumn fine day of Yufuin Valley. Hiroko Komoriya accompanied her with piano.