September 15, Noh play in Yufuin
Autumn deepens its color here in Yufuin.
On an evening like this a Noh play was held at the garden of a hotel Hana-no-shou. One of my close friend invited me as as last year.
The stage is on the pond.
The 10th Yufuin Noh Festival will soon be opened.
Some food stalls sell snacks, pork soup, and beer on the lawn of the garden.
Program 1 "Kosode Soga" dance with music
Mr. Tetsuro Morimoto, the main player explains about the program tonight.
Program 2 "Hanjo" dance.
Program 3 "Busu" farce
A master ordered Taro Kaja and Jirou Kaja to keep the house while one is out. He brings out a pail and said "Don't touch this pail because it contains a deadly poison in it called Busu."
The two servants feel very uneasy the poison and send window by blowing with the fans to escape from the vapor of the poison. They venture to check the content and taste it.
What is surprising the poison was sweet honey. They cleaned up the pail and broken their master's valuables such as hanging scrolls and vases.
After a while the master returned home and was frightened by finding the scattered room. The servants apologized by saying "We are very sorry to broke your valuables and tried to kill ourselves by clicking whole the poison, but we couldn't."
Program 4 Noh "Kiyotsune"
A piece of sad news that Kiyotsune Taira died in a battle of Genpei War at Yanagigaura beach in Oita prefecture arrived to his wife.
The messenger was Saburou of Awazu. He handed over the victim's hair to the wife.
The wife burst into tears. The dead husband appeared in her dream and told that he decided to kill himself by witnessing vacant battle of the War.
The wife played her favorite Japanese flute and get into the water with chanting the prayer to the Buddha. She fell into the bloodbath of Hell. She was able to attain Buddhahood as she was praying to Amida Buddha, however.

Kiyotsune performance is under the spot light of recent anti-war movement.

The Noh play took me into a world of delicate beauty.