September 13, 2003: Hell tour
My digital camera was in a bad condition today and I took pictures by cellular phone camera.

They will return home tomorrow.
The last visit is Hell Tour in Beppu after all the discussions.
We started from Sea Hell. The water temperature is almost 90 degrees C.
This is white pond Hell. The colors of the Hells change according to their chemical composition of the welling up hot water.
Blood Hell.
Fortunately, we could watch the intermittent blast of the steam at Tatsumaki Hell.
After circling around nine Hells, we headed to Mt. Yufu. The highland filled with Japanese pampas grass was new experience for the ladies. They looked like very much delighted.
Their option of the dinner was suhi. The shape of the sushi was not so good, but the taste was wonderful.
The last dinner, at last. They have to assemble their belongings in the scattered room. After that, we walked out to watch the stars.
Hong Kong is very famous for its beautiful night scene. This means it is a little bit hard to watch stars, however. Here in Oita, we had some clouds after the typhoon.
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