September 12, 2003: Cake land
Typhoon #14 has passed by Kyushu Island, but we still have occasional strong showers. In the afternoon like that, we visited a cake making factory nearby.
This is the factory.
The statue of Ryoukan and children are set at the entrance, meaning gentle mind and love. This is the basic concept of the founder, they say.
Japanese pampas grass decorate the entrance telling the arrival of autumn.
On the first floor is a cake shop and on the second floor is the display room. All the display are made from cake.
The materials and tools to make Japanese cake are vary unusual for me.
The whole castle is made from cake.
The cake land was very interesting for me.
Two ladies were worrying about the weather from after daytime. They bought fireworks.
Fortunately, the weather cleared up in the night.
She hesitatingly try to ignite the fuse. It popped up with a big sound!
I love this small size firework.
I returned to my young days and enjoyed it.
Thank you very much Lillian and Doris who secretly prepared the pleasant event.
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