September 11, 2003: the harvest moon festival in the rain
Today is the harvest moon festival, an important event in Hong Kong. They exchange and take so called Geppei cake to cerebrate the harvest moon by families and relatives.
Today, Lillian and Doris purchased a lot of food to prepare special dish this evening.
The remnant of the typhoon is still raging outside with torrential rain. We set up the tables and oven. Many kinds of fruits and Geppei brought from Hong Kong were decorated beautifully on the table.
Doris and my husband set up the cooking stove and ignite it.
Not being defeated by the rain, we do our long-waited plan "Barbecue by viewing the moon."
Lillian prepares for cooking in the kitchen.
The meat is dipped in the sauce.
And mushrooms are wrapped in the aluminum foil together with butter on the,
Well, the party is ready to go.
We drink the toast by fruit wine Lillian and Doris bought.
The toast will get rid of the rain.
Before the meat was served, we enjoyed a flavor of China, so called Pietan" egg like this. It was so tasty that I forgot to take the picture in the beginning.
Lillian and Doris take care of fire for good roasting.
My husband drinks and eats devotedly. So do I.
Sweet honey is spread over the chicken wings many times to get the shining appearance.
This is the beautiful product.
The mushroom was also cooked sweet in the foil.
The sweet potatoes were well baked in the stove.
They enjoy hard works.
After the pleasant barbecue party, we wait for the arrival of the midnight to take Geppei at last.
The yolk of duck egg appeared from the center of the big cake.
I was surprised by the huge size of the cake and again by its wonderful taste.
We have had a good harvest moon party in the rain.

Thank you very much Lillian and Doris.
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