September 10, 2003: Higotai park of Kumamoto prefecture
Typhoon #14 is coming toward Okinawa Island Japan. As we have heard on TV that the weather will be bad this week end, we drove out early this morning.
The first stop is my favorite view point, Kujuu highland.
We can enjoy a grand view. To the north is Kujuu mountain range and Aso volcanic range in the far south.
This is Higotai park. We have just crossed the border to Kumamoto prefecture from Oita prefecture.
Beautiful flower bed welcomes us at the entrance.
Ominaeshi (Patrinia scabiosifolia) and Higotai flower bloom beautifully in the cool autumn breeze.
Marigold matches very well with Doris.
Flowers in the park.

Cleome flower.
Higotai flower is the symbol of this park.
Cosmos will soon in full bloom next month.
Ominaeshi is one of "Seven autumnal flowers."
Tsuyukusa and Tade flowers bloom silently in the bush. I love those kinds of quiet flowers as well.
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