August 22-27, 2003: At the end of the summer
The lingering summer heat is everywhere in the end of August.

On a day like this, I will go out again. I wait for the train sitting on the Kabosu (orange) designed seat at the platform.
A Sonic train came in soon.
The interior coloring of the train is very good. The floor carpet is like this.

I took a Shinkansen train from Kokura.
My first destination is Tatsuno City, in which my old mother lives alone.

Tomorrow morning, I relaxed with my mother in the Tatami room. Mt dead father smiles at us from the picture.
My mother loves flower very much. The entrance of the house is filled with flowers. I walked out in the evening.
Tatsuno City of Hyougo prefecture is a place that is famous in connection with Doppo Kunikida. The old grave of his ancestors is around here.
In front of it, a small stream called Dochigawa runs. In old days, a stream coming down from Keirou Hill and another waterway of Handa crisscrossed here, giving the unusual name of the junction.
The city is sometimes called as "Small Kyoto." Long white walls run along the streets.
I order soy sauce and sweet sake to this shop from all the way from remote Oita.
The ditch cover in front of the shop is like this, the design of "Red dragonfly." It comes from a children song "Red Dragonfly" composed by Rofuu Miki.
Miyamoto Musashi, a famous great swordsman now on TV program, had a relation with a temple in this small town.
Tatsuno is famous for its "Usukuchi" soy sauce. This is the factory in the remnant light of the sunset.
The Ibo river. Many fishermen were in the stream in daytime.
Ibo river and Keirou hill should remain unchanged forever in my birthplace.

I was born here, now a heavy traffic crossing. The remnant of the house is still visible on the both side of the road.
I was relieved to see my mother. Next morning, I head Tokyo by taking a local train from Hontatsuno station of Kishin Line.
Red dragonfly design is here as well.
I changed the train at Himeji station.
I caught a look of Himeji castle in the distance through the valley of the building.
Shinkansen is fast, anyway. The train passed Nagoya in which I had lived before. A red colored Meitetsu train reminds me of my old days here.
As I had a short time in Tokyo, I visited my son's house. My daughter-in-law entertained me with her home made cookie. They live very well.
In the evening I arrived my destination.
Through the window of the hotel room, I could see ling line of baseball watchers.
Three days study class will be over soon.
My duty was over after three in the afternoon.

I arrived Haneda airport decorated with beautiful ornaments to cerebrate its 10th anniversary. My summer was over like this.