August 20, 2003: Autumn comes from sky
I visited Kumamoto City on Group of Friends' meeting. Usually, I take a bus, but my husband drives for me today.

We started seven in the morning. Kuju mountain range is in sight soon.
We pass Ubuyama village after Kuju town. The color contrast of the rice paddies and blue sky is very good. I hope the cool summer this year may not affect the grow of rice.
A large windmill rotates slowly in the blue sky.

Route 57 takes us to volcano Aso.
Aso valley is shrouded with a sea of clouds.
We run in the morning mist. A plume of living volcano came into sight soon.

The top of the plume is blown away by the strong westerly wind.
After the meeting, we headed east.
Today, Kumamoto City is in an oven, 35 degrees C in the afternoon. Towering thunderclouds rise high into the sky.
Popped up white clouds are very beautiful.
Darker clouds start to cover the sky.
We climbed the outer rim of Aso crater and headed home.
We took a short break at Shiroyama observation platform with the altitude of 748 meters.
Sunset red and dark clouds make an illusionary scene.

We drove smoothly in a grassy plain in the twilight.
I found Ominaeshi (Goldbaldrian) on a road side.
Yes, autumn is knocking your door.
We have had a pleasant drive after a long time. We enjoyed blue sky, white clouds, and green field.
The hot summer is ready to leave.