June 9, 2003: A rainy season will come soon
TV said that the southern part of Kyushu Island has entered into a rainy season already. Here in Oita, the season will soon start as well. I can still enjoy an instant sunlight before it on my garden.
On the back fence, mini-rose is in its full bloom.
The home-made arch holds beautiful flowers as well.
In the garden, I found pink and white Nokogiri-sou (yarrow.)
I am not sure what the tiny flower name is. I got it from my friend and seeded it three years ago.
White lily is in its height as well. Behind it is a violet flower.
Hydrangea has started to color at last.
The rainy season stats soon.
Then I found lovely guests on the terrace.
They don't fly away when I approached. The lovely baby swallows have yet yellow beaks.
A baby looked up for mother's call. "He" is very lovely and handsome. I think the babies will soon fly with their own wings.
I have had a pleasant day just before the rainy season.