July 25, 2003: The 29th YMF Record (part 6)
YMF: Yufuin medieval western music visiting

Kinrin pond attracts many visitors from early in the morning.
Ducks enjoy morning water. We will have a concert at an art museum.

I started to get there on foot.
Staffs passed me by car one after another. I have been getting tired with heavy bags in hands and asked them to bring for me. It took about 30 minutes after all.
Artegio was newly built in last October in Yufuin Fantasy Forest.

The exhibitions displayed on the floor were removed for the concert. Takei stands in the center of the floor.
The staff of Medieval Music Research flock in twos and threes.
We have enough time before the start. We enjoyed wonderful tea and greens outside of the building.
Sudden shower reminds me of an atmosphere of autumn.
Tasty teas
refreshed us.

Male staff bring in the stage. As it was wet with rain, female staff wipe them up.
Foldable chairs were set up like this.
A snap in front of a glass ornament.
Tuning has started on the stage.
Chorus rehearsal started as well.

The performance started at last. Oita Medieval Western Music Research Society sings wonderful chorus under the conduct of Shigemi Takei.
The souvenir corner attracts many guests.
The guest artists are Shigeharu Yamaoka of English flute and Masako Hiraoka of Viola Da Gamba.
Takei is happy with the members after the performance.
The couple of Yamaoka and Hirao have performed very well.
An old musical instrument Viola Da Gamba and Hirao's costume match very well.

July 25, 2003: The 29th YMF: Michio Kobayahi harpsichord recital
After cleaning up the site and checking the sales, we soon headed to Tokyu Golf Club for the evening concert.
The last golfer went back and we started the preparation of the site.
The performance will be held in a spacious hall on the second floor of the club house. Mt. Yufu stands beautifully in the distance.

"The rainy season was over today", TV said.
Michio Kobayashi always explains the music politely. Many guests expect it and his wonderful art.
@@@ The 29th YMF Record

by Nagano