July 24, 2003: The 29th YMF record (Part 5)
Massive clouds cover the sky of Yufuin today as well.
YMF is just about to start.

We first carry in many YMF goods into the public hall.

Among them are stationary, tickets, program, YMF T-shirts, and coffee cups.
Many guests are already at the entrance of the hall early in the morning. TV reporters have already taken film.
Some guests have shown up all the way from Korea. They bought through-tickets and enjoyed the festival.
Some staffs were presented such a bunch of beautiful flowers like this from a guest. Thank you very much.
Beautiful flowers grown up by the YMF members are here and there of the hall. At a coffee stand, a pretty volunteer smiles at the guests.
The eve started at 7:00 p.m. Many guests from Yufuin town and out side enjoy the free eve concert.

All the artists relax wearing T-shirts.
Michio Kobayashi, a prominent harpsichordist, has been a Yufuin resident for two years. He is interviewed by Shigemi Takei who conducts Medieval Music Research Group.

The wonderful string music is a feature of YMF.
After the performance, a small welcome party was held at the lobby of the hall.
Violinist Tomoko Kawada (left) and violinist Natori Tamai enjoy the dish.
Yufuin winery presents tasty wine.
Volunteers come regularly from Tokyo, from left, Ihara, Watanabe, and Fujise.
Mr. Kobayashi (left) had long been on to-be-welcomed side, but he is now the resident of the town and will welcome the guests from outside of the town. Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, the president of famous Kamenoi Besso Hotel chats with Kobayashi pleasantly.
From left, Nakaya, Kobayashi, Katou, and MomooKisibe, the first music director of YMF.
From left, Natori Tamai (violinist), Mrs. Kishibe, and Fumiaki Kouno, present music director.
Young cookers prepared wonderful dishes of the party. Thank you very much.
@@@ The 29th YMF record

by Nagano