July 20, 2003: Kick-off meeting of the 29th YMF (Part 3)
Joint party of Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) and Yufuin Film Festival (YFF)
Many areas in Kyushu island are suffering from torrential rain at the end of the rainy season. What is lucky, no serious damage has been reported until today here in Oita. The mist rises up along the slope of the hills in the distance.
We have a joint party of YMF and YFF at Otomaru public hall in Yufuin town. Many local people come in by twos and threes.
Many beautiful dishes are on the table in the center. They are brought in by the attendants. I prepared rice balls and a cold egg plant dish.
The party starts.
Mr. Yoneta, general secretariat of Yufuin Sightseeing Office, makes a few words in the beginning.
Mr. Shite, the head of Yufuin Sightseeing Office, makes another greeting.
Deputy Mayor Shide also speaks out.
Now, toast!
Many wonderful dishes are carried in from famous inns of Yufuin town.
Let's enjoy them.
Pleasant chatting are flowering here and there.
From left, Nagano, Yoneta, and Nonoshita.
The YMF starts three days later. From left Ono, Mie, and Fuchino.
Chatting islands are everywhere.
Young groups are happy as well.
Mr. Kato of YMF.
Mr. Itoh of YFF.
Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF makes good words.
Young members of both festivals join together. One of the members wears a new Happi coat of Shinmachi young menfs association.
The summer of Yufuin valley has arrived at last.

Please come and join us at YMF and YFF.
@@@ The 29th YMF record

Reported by Nagano