May 19-23, 2003: Visited Tokyo
My flight will take off about 10 a.m. on May 10 from Oita air port to Tokyo.

Not a coffee break, but a thick soup break was very good.
From Tokyo Haneda air port, I came up to Shibuya, a crowded spot famous for its faithful dog Hachikou statue. What, the dog walked around in the underground shopping area? Of course not, they are funny arts on the tile.
This is Aoyama 1st street. An elegantly curved building is of the headquarters of Honda Motors.
Agricultural machines are the origin of the big company.
A little boy named ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), world famous humanoid robot, welcomed me in the reception hall.
Shinning cars attract many visitors.
I love little ASIMO.
I will stay "Nippon Seinen-kan" this time. The building was renewed in this March. Jinguu Baseball stadium is just under the sight.
May 20 morning. I walked around the hotel. Azalea lines the street beautifully.
This is Jinguu Art Museum, a massive stone building.
Roadside ginkgo trees make the air refreshing with their green leaves.
The trees were first planted in 1923 in four rows. The total number of the trees is 146.
The ginkgo tree is the symbol tree of Metropolis of Tokyo.
I found unusual flowers in the bush. What is the name of the flowers? It could be "Mountain laurel I saw before in Shenandoah Hills in the US.
In the afternoon, a meeting titled as "Let's cerebrate the 100th anniversary of Females' Friends Publisher and reasonable life creation from home to society" was held in Nippon Seinen-kan hall as a part of the 2003rd National Group of Friends general meeting.

The members of the Publisher line up in front of the large panels of the magazine back numbers. All the attendants reaching to 1,300 cheered the meeting.
May 21, the second day, the meeting was held at Jiyu Gakuen in Minamizawa.
The rain stopped in the morning, leaving fresh green foliage in the campus.
"Life Creation Building" has been completed just in this March as a commemorative event of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the campus. The building will be used for home education course.
A view from the third floor boasts of its beautiful green of the main lawn and school buildings.
On May 22, the third day, four meetings were held in accordance with the size of the branches all over Japan.
I joined in a meeting of 71 branches group that cover the number of the members from 70 to 200. The flower pods make our eyes happy.
On May 23, I visited "Tomorrow's Hall" in Ikebukuro. When I visited here in April, the cherry was in full bloom. Today, the rose bush on the foot of the cherry trees is in booming.
Some artists paint the scenes of Tomorrow's Hall here and there.
I attended the central committee held in Tokyo Branch. All meetings were over and I headed Oita by an evening flight.