May 18, 2003: Digital camera

On a fine day in comfortable May, I walked around my garden with a digital camera in hand. I soon found lovely flowers in the lawn.
The flower blooms in the shadow of west bush as well. The height is about 8 centimeters and the diameter of the flower is about 3 centimeters. It must be a kind of iris.

The seeds of the flower were presented by a passed-by friend. The flowers bloom yet every year. As I wasn't aware of them, I must have drawn them off when I mow the lawn.

The name of the lovely flower could be "Ehime Iris." Please tell me the name if anybody knows it.
The rose fence is in its full bloom now.
I walked out of my garden and looked around the neighbors. I found a full bloom of wild strawberry, which is in boom recently. It holds red berries!
Kiwi flowers smiles at me from above. This is the first time for me to see the flower.
The tree looks like having a red cap.
This is rare flower called "Brush."
The name comes from the shape of a brush to wash bins.

It may come from Australia.
I found some wild strawberry plants in my garden.

The runners stretch, but hold no berry.
But I have another strawberry that grow the fruits.
Last year, I got strawberries in Ogi town. It started to grow the berry again.

This is my tiny hope.