May 5, 2003: Early summer in Yufuin
Young refreshing leaves of maple trees are shining in the garden of a hotel in Yufuin valley casting green shadows on the ground. Cool breeze welcomed me in the evening.
Today, we were invited to the "Special show of well-known opera by DVD" to be held here after a wonderful dinner. Only the limited member was guided to the home theater in the host's pure-Japanese style guest house.
The program was of famous "La Traviata" by Verdi. Wonderful sounds came from the big screen of the theater, including many famous melodies and excellent performance of the actors and women actors.

This was the first experience for me to enjoy the famous story in such a wonderful place. I want to see it at the real theater in Europe next time. On my way back home I witnessed the first firefly dancing on the stream of Kinrin Pond.