April 3-6, 2003: The 100th anniversary of 'Females' Friends"
The exhibition "We have walked a century together with the subscribers"
I visited Tokyo together with my friend.
We were lured by the full blossoms of cherry and passed under the flower to visit Tokyo Art Theater.
The school students seem to have just finished a rehearsal for tonight's concert.
We arrived at Tomorrow's Hall of Jiyu Gakuen campus. The Hall was nominated as a national important cultural property. Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architecture, designed the Hall at the request of Motoko Hani.
Beautiful flowers welcomed us.

An exhibit "The 100th anniversary of 'Females' Friends, 'We have walked a century together with the subscribers'" is the main purpose we visited Tokyo. Many subscribers join at the Hall.
In the evening, we returned back to the National Art Theater.
The commemorative concert was open,. Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, of Jiyu Gakuen, school students we met in the afternoon, student chorus, violin play by Teiko Maebashi, piano by Takahiro Sonoda, conductor by Kazuhiro Akiyama, all are the graduates of the campus. I met many friends there.
Ikebukuro evening increased its brightness when the concert was over.
On April 4, we visited Tomorrow's Hall again and looked around the exhibit eagerly.
Sakura blossoms and the Hall match very well.
Good friends.
Chatting holds another bloom on the central lawn.
A mini cooking class by Tokyo Branch.
"Pod cap" is an original art craft of pod insulation. The idea got a trademark right.
Tea break at the second floor room.
The entrance of Femals' Friends Publisher.
Commemorative posters tell the history how they walked up until today together with the readers.
I am a member of Group Of Friends which is organized by the subscribers of Females' Friends.
Mejiro railroad station features its beautiful stained glass entrance.
In the afternoon, I visited Yokohama City.
A long moving sidewalk.
Cherry trees at the port.
Sail boat Sakuramaru finds its final port here in Yokohama. My brother had once visited Hawaii by this boat for sailing training in his school days.
I came back to Tokyo in the evening after I met a friend in Yokohama.
Evening scenes of Tokyo.
A fountain in the Imperial Place Park.
Cherry blossoms in the night
Bluish cherry.

April 5, another cherry blossoms near my son's house.

My son and daughter-in-law live well in Tokyo. Many good things this time in Tokyo.