March 27, 2003: Haiku hiking Moeku group
Warm spring has arrived Oita at last.

Today, we came up to "Happy Hills", a forest park of Oita, to compose Haiku.
"Japanese andromeda covered Mezaka slope bring the sound of the stream"
"Smart dandies sit on a bench under Karaebisu tree"
Spring flowers have just started to sprout in the hills.
Japanese andromeda,magnolia,dandelion and shepherdfs purse

Camellia boasts of its brilliant flower.
"Bush camellias hold hundreds pale buds"
The carps in the pond are good friends to the composers.

"A kite casts its shade onto the spring pond water ring"
The Haiku members.
Walking around the pond to create good Haikus.
Pine shines beautifully. Nishikigi appeals its unusual twigs.
We have a farewell party to our Haiku teacher, in the center, at a restaurant.
The tasty foods make us happy.
Some members gave farewell folk songs to the teacher wishing his health.

"Cherry blossoms smile at us after the party"
We had a Haiku composing meeting after the party. I am very glad that I have worked as a manager of the group for a year.