March 21, 2003: Popular accordion concert by Milec Tybore
This is studio "New York" on the third floor of Kuraku-En Excel in Kobe City, Japan.
A wonderful dancer welcomed me upon opening the entrance door.
We will have Milec Tybore's popular accordion concert here.
Ms. Witte Kaeko will manage the concert. We thank her very much because she took care of us in Germany two years ago.
The artist, Milec Tybore, is just like my son, Kaeko said.
Tybore is learning classical accordion music in Germany. Of his repertory, Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach and Turkish March by Mozart were great after all.
He practiced tango music for today's performance. "Jealousy" makes some people to dance.
All the audience was fascinated by the performance.
A bouquet
was presented to him. Kaeko said that he visits many welfare facilities regularly in Germany for comfort.
He kindly gave us his autograph on his CD.
After the performance, a video film was on screen in the saloon.
The luxurious chandelier survived Hanshin Great Earthquake hit the city on January 17,1995.
We were very happy to see Kaeko here in Kobe and talked to have another chance in Germany. (Click the picture to enlarge.)
Kaeko visit Japan twice a year. I hope Milec and Kaeko will come to Oita together next time.
This time, I dropped in Tatsuno to see my old mother and to attend the Tybore's concert.
In Tatsuno park many lanterns for cherry blossom festival were set up already. The buds of the flower are still hard, however.
After visiting the graveyard and a tea room Galleria, we took a return ferry boat to Oita.