March 20, 2003: Jiyu Gakuen Exhibit in Galleria

Tea room Galleria ARTS&TEA stands just next to Ibo riverbank across Tatsuno bridge.
This is one of my dear old places as I was born around here and grown up.
An exhibition of Jiyu Gakuen, an unusual private school, is being held here.
The lovely poster was painted by a student from the house.
The spacious lawn is in the center of the picture. Jiyu Gakuen is my dear old place because my son graduated the school 15 years ago.
Across the street is a restored old building "Apollo Studio" in the design of early Shouwa era.

Many handcrafts are displayed in the hall.

Fish an embroidered design

And others.
Letters from Toutenryo dormitory was displayed as well.
Some Jiyu Gakuen related guests join the site and chat pleasantly.
The building of Galleria ARTS&TEA had once been a money office and was restored recently.
Antique designed interiors.

I visited here ast yearl and fascinated by its air.
Many wonderful pictures were on the wall.
Clothing works by female high school students.

And many letters that were sent to home from the student.
Some scenes of the campus taken by Gyou Hani, the head of the school.
So many records of the campus life are displayed as well.
Much more works.
A workshop will be held here together with some students from the school.

Please come and join it.

The small town in which I was born.
Reported by: Nagano