March 5, 2003: Birthday
Today is my husband's birthday. We visited an Italian restaurant for dinner.
The restaurant has an adult atmosphere appearance.
The hors d'oeuvres were terrine of sea products, fried egg with spring vegetable, and marinated octopus. We were fully fascinated with them.
We ordered a decanter of white wine.
The shape of the decanter was the head of a hen.
I was very happy with the hors d'oeuvres.
Next dish was onion gratin soup. We came across the wonderful taste after a long time.
Mushroom Risotto with smooth cream dressing was great.
Spaghetti of tomato and basil. The volume was good as well.
Ground cheese was our favorites. The aroma of basil sauce was really wonderful.
The main dish was tongue stew. I wonder how the smooth taste can come from.
We ordered another wine, of course red.
The dessert was pea sherbet for my husband and I took Kabosu taste. The shape of the desserts was rose petal.
The restaurant will be our hot spot after today.
The chef smiles at us. The restaurant was really good.
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