July 26, 2002: Western music exploration and harpsichord recital
A typhoon is raging over Yufuin valley.

We will have a chorus concert in Kowa Park hotel. Chairs are carried in soon. We have to wipe the rain out before bringing them into the hotel.
Strong wind requires to fasten the board tightly.
The preparation must be done quietly as there are many guests in the hotel.
The staff takes omelet lunch prepared by a local restaurant.
The regular "medieval Western Music exploration" was started by Takei as usual.
A LeLuth player Ichiro Takamoto was invited in the third section. Some 450 years ago, a Christian mission of Japan visited Rome and brought back LeLuth music. The beautiful sound echoed in the palace of Hideyoshi, then feudal king. Today, the melody echoes here in Yufuin beyond time and space.
The staff is still busy to transfer the stage and chairs to Tokyu Golf Club, the second site.
After the crazy golfers in the storm were gone, we carried in all the settings and harpsichord.
Sales stand on the first floor displays YMF goods.

The tuning is a painstaking work.
Michio Kobayashi performed wonderful music including Bach. Yuu Matsubara fascinated the audience with his beautiful baritone. The quiet sound of LeLuth followed it.

After the performance, the harpsichord was carefully brought back to Kobayashi's home.
All the staffs quickly cleaned up the site. The recital was over in success.
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