July 22, 2002: YMF-YFF joint kick off meeting
A Yufuin Music Festival and Yufuin Film Festival joint meeting was held at Otomaru community hall in Yufuin town today.
This is a simple reception tale at the entrance of the hall.
First, Mr. Kato, the general secretariat of YMF, makes a few words.
YFF representative also speaks out.
YMF will have a big turning point this year. Mr. Michio Kobayashi, a prominent harpsichordist in Japan, has become a resident of Yufuin town.
The speech of Kobayashi was followed by pleasant eating and chatting party.
Regular YMF staffs.
Mr. Kobayashi relaxes as well.
Good volunteers enjoy the party.
Tasty desserts were on the table.
Many people support YMF and YFF every year.
The hall was cleaned up by the attendants.
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