December 27, 2002: Experiencing Oita
I have been away from home in the morning. When I get back home, I found Zhang was fighting in the kitchen for preparing the lunch.
My husband cooperates with him. Zhang is familiar with cooking because he makes his dishes in the dormitory of the university.

Genuine fried rice dish was ready for serve.
After taking a late lunch, we visited Beppu City.
This is Myouban (alum) spa. Zhang was glad to see unusual view of thatched roof topped with snow on the back ground of spa steam.
"Sea Hell" boiling pond makes hem surprised.
Giant lotus olds beautiful flowers on the warmed pool in the green house. Poinsettia blooms as well.
We enjoyed "hot spring boiled egg." A lot of tourists filled the souvenir shop.
Next stop is Takegawara Spa.
We first wanted to take "sand spa", but we gave up it because we had to wait more than an hour.
This is the entrance of Hit parade Club.
Tonight, we will join a year-end party.
The party is of "Eight hot spring mailing list" group. Mr. Suga emcees the party.
We enjoyed good food and drink together with the hit parade dance and music. Old street musicians join the party as well.
Many music of 1950s-1960s are really wonderful.
Beautiful girls sing in the colorful dress. Many guests dance on the floor as well.
After the party, we walked out to "Explore" the narrow streets in Beppu.
Dear Bunchan, an old street musician, guides us around the streets.
In the narrow streets are so many drinking bars and shops under colorful neon signs. We dropped in some bars as well.

It was very good to look around Beppu City today.