December 18-19, 2002: Visit to Kagoshima
I am going to visit Kagoshima on my business of Group Of Friends.
Even though the new year is still far away, I found A Kadomatsu ornament.
I got on a white Sonic Express train. The interior is of classical black with wooden mosaic floor.
I saw Space World Amusement center in Tobata area where I lived before.
In the mall of Hakata station, I found a fair of "From the north" TV program.
I joined to my friends at Hakata and changed the train to Tsubame, a black body smart train.
The train passed Izumi, a famous winter passing spot of crown.
Kyushu Shinkansen to Kagoshima is under construction.

We arrived at Nishi Kagoshima.
One of the spot of Nishi Kagoshima is to visit "The young group of Satsuma." Subway construction is another reason of the crowded town.

The monument was made in commemoration with the 100th anniversary of Meiji Era.
The boy, named Nagasawa, is the first farmer who brought back the seed of grape from the USA.

He succeeded in wine production in California. He was called "The king of grape in California."
We stayed a hotel close to the station. A large vase of Shouchuu alcoholic liquor was set on the entrance.
It reads "The 400th anniversary of Shouchuu production in Kagoshima."
Christmas tree is everywhere.
Poinsettia flower at the entrance of the dinning room.

The view from the window. Volcano Sakurajima is in the distance.
December 19
We had some meetings in the hotel.

After the morning meeting, I got on a street car for taking lunch.
The main shopping arcade of Kagoshima is called "Observatory Street."
Then we visited Kumaso Restaurant who serves famous Satsuma dishes.
A huge Sakurajima horse radish welcomes the guests.
We enjoyed original Satsuma dishes.
Satsuma-age is one of the souvenirs of the area.
We again took a return Tsubame train to Hakata.